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For posts related to the 2009-2010 CreateAction internship program.

Dan Belgue, LifeCycles (Victoria, BC)

Discussion topic#5:

Are there strategies and steps we can take as folks interested in the benefits of the CED model to work with existing, economically conventional companies to introduce more CED principles into their business structure? Is there a way to make CED strategies seem more accessible and viable for existing businesses? After all, it would benefit everyone if more existing businesses started to localize their economic development.


Alison Doyle, Stella Burry Community Services (St. John's, NF)

Discussion topic #4:

Engaging workshops 101

With a large group and a small window of time, what is the key to facilitating an interactive and fun workshop? Do you know any icebreakers suitable for a group like this, and would it be worth the time?

Kirsten Bernas, The Canadian CED Network (Winnipeg)

Discussion topic#3:

Although I have not pinned down a youth audience for the CED workshop, I expect that I will be faced with the challenge of first attracting, and then holding the attention of the youth we will be engaging in the workshop. I am interested in knowing what strategies/approaches other interns have thought of to:
1) ensure that they a successful turn out;
2) develop and present a dynamic/interactive/fun workshop that will hold the attention of the youth.

Aaron Zeghers, Manitoba Co-op Association (Winnipeg)

Discussion topic#2:

Youth apathy is something we hear a lot about, especially during election time. But it’s something that transgresses politics, and stifles community development and cooperation.  Is “youth apathy” really as common place as some media would suggest?  What can be done to help combat youth apathy?”

Desirea Zolinsky, Saskatchewan Co-op Association (Saskatoon)

Discussion topic#1:

In terms of typical economic development within our communities, characteristic problems (poverty, unemployment, poor or non-existent access to essential public services, and environmental degradation) leave many community members to fend for themselves without adequate support.  The CED model intends to address our problems comprehensively with an inclusive approach, allowing community members and groups to be active participants in finding solutions.  Those of us that have already adopted CED as a positive approach often work within a sector of other individuals and groups that also work within a similar framework.  So I’m wondering what others (you/ your organization) are doing to engage that other portion of citizens that are yet to advocate CED.  What new and emerging projects do you have on the go to connect to those in our communities that are yet to join us?