CreateAction Interns

Richard Adlington-Johnson (The Canadian CED Network – Ottawa, ON) is a recent graduate of Carleton University where he received a BA (Hons.) in Mass Communication and is currently interning at the Canadian CED Network’s Ottawa office.  At Carleton, his interest in CED and social enterprises arose from academic exposure to the field.  Through his internship, Richard hopes to engage in the intricacies of CED. Though he plans to attend law school in the near future, Richard intends to stay close to the CED community.

Harpreet Agand (Riverdale Immigrant Women’s Centre – Toronto, ON) recently finished her MBA from the European Business School in London prior to which, she was working in New York as an accounting consultant for small and medium enterprises with limited capital.  During her undergraduate degree in Business Management and Economics at Stony Brook University she served as a Community Service Director for Golden key International Honour Society and as a youth counselor and mentor to new students. Harpreet has traveled extensively throughout the U.S., Asia, and Europe and has developed an exceptional understanding for global business and world cultures.  As part of her career path she would like to continue to combine business expertise along with an interest in community development.

Dan Belgue (LifeCycles – Victoria, BC) has interests that are extremely varied and sometimes conflicting and his ultimate goal is to work to harmonize all sorts of folks who don’t perhaps realize they could work and feed off each other. CED interests him because of the way it tends to bring different groups of people together for a common goal or project. Dan studied Communication Studies and Film Studies at Wilfrid Laurier University in Waterloo, Ontario, and is working on ways to combine his education and interest in new media with ideas of social development in a way that fosters inclusion and creativity. Dan thinks too many people and places get boxed in or left out when there is truly no need for that. Everyone, no matter what organization, company, or ideal they represent, has the ability to work together for a greater good in some capacity, and Dan thinks the principles of CED can support this. What we need right now is love, creative solutions, and good music.

Andrée-Anne Bergeron Gérard (Commodus – Montréal, QC)

Matthew Brown (Saint John Community Loan Fund – Saint John, NB)

Kirsten Bernas (The Canadian CED Network – Winnipeg, ON) is committed to the promotion of CED, because she believes that its participatory nature empowers even the most disadvantaged citizens to take collective action in pursuing the type of social and economic justice they hope to achieve in their communities.  Kirsten received a BA (Honours) in Economics from the University of Manitoba as well as an MA from the Norman Paterson School of International Affairs at Carleton University in Ottawa. Her work experience in non-profit organizations as well as in federal and provincial governments has contributed to her interest in community economic development theory and practice. She hopes her experience with the Canadian CED Network will develop and sharpen the skills and knowledge required to build a rewarding career in international community development.

Chantale Desjardins (Hearst Economic Development Corporation – Hearst, ON) was born and raised in Hearst, Ontario.  She graduated from Collège Boréal in 2000 as a forestry technician.   Chantale has worked with the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources for 3 years, 2 years as an Ontario Living Legacy  intern creating new parks for Ontario, and 1 year as a Global Information System  technician.  In the last 5 years she has worked as a greenhouse technician at La Maison Verte producing tree seedlings for reforestation and developing their website.  With the current forest industry crisis Chantale is interested in developing local solutions in her community.  She is currently working with the Hearst Economic Development Corporation and the Canadian CED network as an intern, when not occupied with her two children.

Alison Doyle (Stella Burry Community Services (SBCS) – St. John’s, NF)is a native of St. John’s, NL who has recently moved home after ten years of living, working and studying in other provinces and countries. During this time she completed an undergraduate degree at Dalhousie University in International Development Studies, lived and worked in various Latin American countries and most recently completed a graduate program at Concordia University in Environmental Impact Assessment. Throughout her experiences, Alison has been introduced to many inspiring groups and people and she is excited to bring some innovation to the creative developments underway in her native city. Alison has been hired by SBCS to assist in social enterprise research and development.

Shawna MacAusland (PEI Co-op Council – Charlottetown, PEI)

Chloe McCorrister (Aboriginal Council of Winnipeg – Winnipeg, MB)

Francine McIvor (Thompson Neighbourhood Renewal Corporation – Thompson, MB)

Devin Keay (The Canadian Centre for Community Renewal/Greater Edmonton Alliance – Edmonton, AB)

David McLean (The Canadian CED Network – Ottawa, ON) is a graduate of Carleton University, where he studied commerce with a focus in international business.  His experience in the non-profit sector includes working for the Heart and Stroke Foundation where David recruited schools to participate in the organization’s youth programs. David is very interested in global political issues and enjoys playing hockey in his spare time.

Chessa Osburn (Tradeworks Training Society – Vancouver, BC) was born and raised in Vancouver, BC. After completing a Canadian undergraduate degree in Social Justice, she spent time exploring South America. From Ecuador she applied to a Master’s program in Ireland, and a couple of years later earned an MPhil in International Peace Studies from Trinity College Dublin. After submitting her thesis she headed to India, where she worked with a local organization on environmental education with youth. Her next project took her to East Africa, where she carried out and published two studies on disarmament, demobilization, and the reintegration of child soldiers in northern Uganda. Chessa returned home eager to apply her knowledge and experience to her own backyard, and to transition from international to local community development. She has found a great opportunity and team at Tradeworks, where she will be carrying out research on community benefits agreements, as well as researching and developing a social enterprise.

Cindy Paillé Arseneault (ÉCOF, Corporation de Développement Économique Communautaire – Trois-Rivières, QC) is a native of Trois-Rivières. She recently graduated in social work at CÉGEP in Trois-Rivières and is focussing on getting a bachelor in social work at Laval University. Cindy has extensive experience in working with families and persons with mental health problems. Her interest in community economic development (CED) developed during an internship in France and Belgium, where she did a comparative study between these two countries and Quebec. Cindy is passionate about the objectives of CED and is going to try to make as many people aware of this approach as possible.

Radha Soni (Riverdale Immigrant Women’s Centre – Toronto, ON) brings to the Riverdale Immigrant Women’s Centre her expertise as an entrepreneur, social marketer, and international development officer. Graduating with a degree in Business Commerce from Ryerson University combined with her drive to create positive change lead her first to Ecuador as a DFAIT intern. Working with the Ministry of Tourism in developing a marketing plan provided Radha with proof that development work is very rewarding. She dedicated the next two years to running a family owned business where she strengthened her skills in leadership, strategic planning and project management encouraging her to utilize these skills while pursuing her career in International Development. In Bolivia she created and implemented a Youth Entrepreneurship Program into several of the collages while working with the local government to remove some of the major barriers youth face to become employed/entrepreneurs.

Michael Williams (Momentum – Calgary, AB) is a native of Brantford Ontario who has just recently moved to Calgary to work in CED.  After doing an Enterprise Business program at Mohawk College he moved to Waterloo to attend Wilfrid Laurier University.  Here he obtained is Honors BA in Global Studies and History.  At WLU he also began to devote more time to community work internationally, visiting different Latin American countries on 2 summers off.  He is now planning to further this international work by proceeding with Graduate studies in Community Development.

Izabela Wozniczka (PARO Centre for Women’s Enterprise – Thunder Bay, ON) originally came to Canada to study English. After completing her undergraduate degree she moved to Asia to pursue her childhood dream: to study Martial Arts. After almost 2 years away Izabela decided to return to Canada to be closer to family and friends and settled in Thunder Bay where she recently graduated from Lakehead University with a Master`s in Environmental Studies (MES). For her MES research project she studied how communities in Northern Ontario are affected by the creation of Parks Canada’s first National Marine Conservation Area on Lake Superior and how they can create tourism opportunities related to their natural resources, using community economic development. Currently Izabela is working with PARO to develop tools that will help women get out of poverty. In her spare time, Izabela loves spending time with her family, publishing papers, volunteering with her community and practicing Tae Kwon Do.

Seth Wright (The Canadian CED Network – Victoria, BC) has been working on social and environmental activism for over 15 years. Upon completion of his recent BA in Environmental Studies and Geography, he sought to put his dreams for a more just and sustainable world into practice. He recently rode over the Kootenay Mountains using theatre to inspire social and environmental change. Now, Seth is enthusiastic about working with the Canadian CED Network to help achieve their communications goals so that communities are better equipped to deal with the pressing environmental, social and economic challenges that we collectively face.

Aaron Zeghers (Manitoba Co-operative Association – Winnipeg, MB) is a playful yet ambitious Capricorn.  Born in Holland, Manitoba, Aaron has lived in Winnipeg since he started university.  Since he graduated this past spring, Aaron has spent his time making music and films.  He was recently hired by the Manitoba Cooperative Association to promote MCA’s Cooperative Youth Leadership Seminar

Desirea Zolinsky (Saskatchewan Co-operative Association – Saskatoon, SK) has recently relocated to Saskatoon, SK, and as a newcomer has been finding ways to become part of the NGO network within her new community.  In the past year she has held a volunteer term, as an intern, with Oxfam Canada on the Prairies, where she worked on orchestrating public awareness events and building workshops on development issues. Desirea also had a part in coordinating last summer’s We Are Many Arts and Environmental Festival; she continues to work with WAM! to unite people in making simple adjustments that, taken together, can have a large positive impact on the environment.  Desirea is a graduate of the University of Lethbridge, where she studied sociology and largely focused on youth.  She believes that capacity building among emergent youth leaders will play a key role in establishing CED projects that thrive.