Theme: Regional CED Events

Members of the Regional CED Events theme group:

(Alberta CED Network)
Jennifer Muldoon (Ontario CED Network)
Sophia Horwitz (Saint John Community Loan Fund)
Carla Paul (Saskatchewan Co-op Association)
Chelsea Calder (Tradeworks Training Society)
Georgette Koblan (Canadian CED Network)

Regional Event Planning Documents:

Here is the Event Planning Template for Ontario as of Dec 7. It would be great if you could complete yours and then you should be able to upload it as a comment to this. If not send it to me and I’ll post it. -Paul
Regional Event info Template ONT

Regional Event info BC -Dec

Regional Event info Saskatchewan-Dec

CCEDNet conf poster ’10_online

CCEDNet ’10 Program_online

2010 gathering workplan

Gathering Workshops

2010 Manitoba CDCED Gathering Budget

giftool 2010 gathering setup

permit office updated october 19th 2010

Gathering Workshops



A draft event program for BC from Chelsea. Thanks Chelsea
BC-Suggested event program


7 responses to “Theme: Regional CED Events

  1. Hi Ladies,

    I have added some new documents to the google docs folder. There are also some documents from the Winnipeg Gathering that Bre sent along for sharing.

  2. Chelsea Calder

    Hey Ladies,

    I just wanted to chat to all about engaging youth in the event somehow. I know we kind of talked about it on the last call but I thought I would just share what is going on here.

    I am going to be working wit Jason, Amanda and Chloe because we are all working in Vancouver. We’re having a meeting next week to see what it might look like to engage the youth. I know some of you are doing a tour or a CED 101 workshop. Do you think there is a way to combine these both? Jason is thinking of doing something a little more interactive, like a video. Also, I have some steering committee members that are from rural and remote areas that are thinking of doing some sort of video as a way to capture their communities. Do you think the youth could get engaged with this somehow?

    It’s great to have this group to bounce ideas off of! Go Team!!

  3. Ok so….

    I haven’t nailed down a youth activity so far. I do have a meeting with the immigrant youth workers tomorrow to discuss potentially putting together a separate project for immigrant urban youth. So I can let you know about that.

    As far as the event Ontario goes – There is a youth organization/network on the steering committee so hopefully they will be able to suggest sessions and presenters for the Ontario event that focus specifically on youth issues.

    On a side note – I was talking to Paul and he was saying that your youth event does not necessarily have to link with your event. Which was nice to hear because I felt like I had to wait until the event planning was underway before I could get my youth project organized. So I think I might to a completely separate project having a more environmental stewardship focus.

    Are there youth organizations connected to tradeworks that would be worth brainstorming with? The video project sounds like a great idea. You can put a youtube video together with a digi cam and simple software.

    What is everyone else doing/thinking?

  4. Hey, hope everyone had a great weekend. Yes, I too really like the video project to engage youth. Its also great way to communicate with the rural folk and have them profiling their communities.

    On another note, what is everyone doing for promotions? Once I get more details confirmed, I am planning on doing a “save the date” in early January along with other email /eblasts to our members with the hope they will forward in onto their network and spread the word. I also plan on developing a press releases in March.

    Is anyone thinking about developing posters/postcards? We are undecided as they can be costly..


  5. Hi Ladies,

    I have added some documents to the blog. Most are the same as the ones found in the google docs folder.

  6. Chelsea Calder

    Hey Carla,

    I was wondering about promotions as well. I was thinking of using social media as a way of communicating the event to a wider audience. But I wanted to see if any of you were thinking of that and how it was going to work?

    We will probably be making a poster (hopefully digitally) and use our connections to spread the word to their networks. I think it would be really interesting (and environmentally friendly) to skip the printing of posters and programs and have them available digitally only. Perhaps having the program projected on a wall at the conference so people can see what workshops are available. These are just some ideas but it could be cool to have a paperless event. What are your thoughts?

  7. Hey guys,

    Came across some helping resources for planning a sustainable event. I am trying to bring some of these initiatives into the event planning process. But we will see if it is possible.

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