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Intern WorkPlan Templates
As promised here are the e-versions of the two workplan templates we shared at the Winnipeg orientation. We like the Reflections on Learning approach and have found it helpful, but we’ve also used the more basic Workplan template for some projects and you may prefer that. Alternatively, you or your host organization may have an another tool you’d like to use. The main point is to ensure that both you and your supervisor have a way of clearly outlining what you plan to be doing and what you hope to learn.



To review and/or download all of our Wimba teleconferences visit:

Click on Participant Login and enter the Room ID as CCEDNET and then your Name. You’ll find all of the files under the Archives tab.

  • CED 101 Presentation 2011
  • Grant Writing & Financial Management Presentation
  • Glossary of Terms Relevant to Community Economic Development
  • Youth In Charge Tool Kit
  • Art of Advocacy Handbook
  • The Canadian Centre for Community Renewal’s Tools and Techniques page
  • Charity Village’s list of grant-giving foundations
  • Making the Rules Handbook
  • Advertisements

    3 responses to “Create Action 2010

    1. Marie-Pier Duchesne

      Thanks Paul!

    2. Yo, here is the website I spoke of during the call. I originally posted this in my peer learning projects sub-group, but Clayton Drake made the point that I should post things so that everyone may see. Thanks Clayton. That having been said here is a link to our website and the title of a boring article we wrote that nobody will have time to look at. lol If you want to talk about any of what’s covered in the article, let me know.
      The article we just finished is called “Industrial Design Needs in the Mining Equipment Sector: a Preliminary Report”

      Steve- Sudbury Ontario

    3. I am interested in hosting an “open space” event with my organization. If Jason, or anyone else who’s taken part in such an event is interested in sharing what works and what doesn’t, I’d love to benefit from some lessons learned. For example, what kind of over-arching topics work best?

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