Theme: Environment

Members of the Environment theme group:

Cassiano Porto (ÉCOF)
Natalie Napier (The Community Opportunity & Innovation Network (COIN))
Sofiat Akinola (Momentum)
Eric Chan (Social Planning Council of Ottawa)
Ben Thibault (The Pembina Institute)
Robert Newell (Victoria Immigrant and Refugee Centre Society)
Chloë Straw (Canadian Centre for Community Renewal)

A post with links you Environment folks might be interested in. It’s bilingual too -Paul

A letter from Gerard Kennedy –Liberal MP at the UN Climate Change Conference

All week Gerard and volunteers from Canada have been pursuing a program at the UN Climate Change Conference to tell delegates and participants that there is majority support for solving Climate change in Canada much more pro-actively than the Harper government. The effort has included a “Where’s Canada?” series of newsletters, meetings and dialogue sessions with other countries.

Here are the links to the “Where’s Canada” Newsletter released so far:

December 7:

December 8:

Earlier this week, the Environment Commissioner issued a damning report showing the Conservatives’ total abdication of responsibility when it comes to adapting to the harmful effects of climate change. You can view the press release at and the full report of the Environment Commissioner at

Cher/Chère Paul,

Cette semaine, Gérard et des bénévoles Canadien à Cancun ont été à la poursuite d’un programme à la conference de l’ONU sur les changements climatiques pour dire aux délégués et aux participants qu’il ya un soutien majoritaire pour résoudre les changements climatiques au Canada beaucoup plus pro-active que le gouvernement Harper.

L’effort a inclus un «Où est le Canada?» série de bulletins, des réunions et des séances de dialogue avec d’autres pays.

Voici les liens vers les «Où est le Canada?» bulletins publié à ce jour:

7 décembre:
8 décembre:

Au début de la semaine, le commissaire à l’environnement a rendu public un rapport accablant qui montre l’absence totale de responsabilité de la part des conservateurs quand il s’agit de s’adapter aux effets néfastes des changements climatiques – et de protéger nos océans et notre eau douce.


Vous pouvez consulter le communiqué de presse à et le rapport complet de le commissaire à l’environnement à



One response to “Theme: Environment

  1. Hi Environment focus group,

    during my workshops, I will be presenting youth with environmental concerns in Newfoundland and Labrador and ideas for environmental businesses. I have been doing some research, but I was wondering if any of you have any great videos about sustainability or the environment? Or if you have any resources that specific to youth concerns with the environment?

    If you have any, would you mind sharing? My email is

    Thanks =)

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