Manitoba Bulletin: Financial Sustainability Planning Workshop

Manitoba Bulletin: Financial Sustainability Planning Workshop

The Canadian CED Network’s Spark service and Volunteer Manitoba invite you to attend

Financial Sustainability Planning for Your Non-Profit

Part of the Spring 2011 Strengthening Non-Profits Workshop Series

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Workshop Description:

Most non-profits face the challenge of long-term financial sustainability, both in terms of how to do this kind of planning and where to look for these resources. Taking the time to learn about creating a sustainability plan can make a great deal of difference in the success of your organization. This session will provide you with several innovative tools and models for creating a 5 year financial sustainability plan, for identifying financial and non-financial resources, and for helping you make some strategic decisions around priorities and programming.

This workshop is part of the Spring 2011 Strenghtening Non-Profits Workshop Series.

The Spring 2011 Strengthening Non-Profits Workshop Series is co-sponsored by the Canadian CED Network’s Spark service, Volunteer Manitoba, The Manitoba Community Services Council.




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